Working with Us


Ma'aden is growing.

Ma’aden is building some of the world's largest and most exciting projects in phosphate and aluminium as well as expanding existing operations in gold. Ma'aden is also working hard exploring vast areas of Saudi Arabia for new mining opportunities.

Ma'aden's mission is to build a world-class mineral enterprise. To accomplish that will require a large number of people with diverse backgrounds and expertise to join the company.

At the core of Ma'aden's management philosophy is the desire to maintain a strong and lasting relationship with its employees. Good internal communications, from the board room to the mines and mills are an essential part of this endeavor. An open and honest approach prevails and helps to build teamwork and co-operation that are vital to the company's success.

At Ma'aden, the company's goal is to attract and retain the very best quality people and support their successes through capitalizing on suitable employment opportunities in a stable and secure work environment. Ma'aden hires people with the ability and skills to support the company operations across the Kingdom.

From an employment perspective, Ma'aden is much more than a mining company. What truly sets Ma'aden apart as an employer of choice is that the company focuses on maximizing the competitive advantage by utilizing the skills and experience of our people. the company's managers understand that their management role remains focused on achieving the best from their teams as a part of their daily jobs, and coaching their teams on how to deliver improved results as part of their daily routine. Ma'aden is working hard to provide a challenging and rewarding work environment.

To attract and keep the best people at all levels of the organization, Ma'aden strives to ensure unparalleled job security, a high level of job satisfaction, strong relationships and teamwork, attractive remuneration, and other benefits and attractive lifestyle opportunities.

In line with Ma'aden's values of Integrity, Care, Initiative, Achievement and Teamwork Ma'aden continues to pay competitive remuneration. In addition, the employees of Ma'aden are entitled to a wide range of benefits as part of their overall compensation package. These basic benefits include medical care, relocation benefits, housing benefits, transportation, performance and loyalty bonuses and assistance with educational programs.

Ma'aden is committed to the Government announced a program to give preference to Saudi Nationals. In the areas where no suitably qualified and experienced Saudi National can be located Ma'aden invites a select group of individuals from all over the globe to join the company at different levels, depending on their skills, qualifications, and experience.

Ma'aden is a great place to apply your expertise and advance your skills, knowledge, and career. Ma'aden is looking for dedicated professionals with proven expertise in their fields.