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Ma'aden enters into partnerships with world-class organizations to enhance operational, technical and marketing expertise in all phases of development of the company’s business.


Alcoa Corporation

Alcoa (25.1%) and Ma’aden (74.9%) are partners in the $10.8 US billion Ma’aden Aluminium project, one of the first world’s fully integrated high-efficiency aluminium production complex, including a mine, refinery, smelter cast house, and rolling mill in Ras Al Khair industrial city, in Saudi Arabia.

Since the dawn of the aluminum industry and for over 130 years, the name Alcoa has been synonymous with operational excellence and leadership in the production of Bauxite, Alumina and Aluminum products. Alcoa invented the aluminum industry in 1888 and continues to innovate with new technologies and processes.

In today's aluminum market, where the lean operation is critical, Alcoa’s comprehensive portfolio of assets and operating experience make it a leader. Alcoa is a values-based company that holds itself to the highest standards of excellence–operational, environmental, and ethical. Alcoa constantly looks for ways to be more productive, efficient, innovative and sustainable in order to deliver the best products and outcomes to its customers and shareholders.

The Mosaic Company

Mosaic (25%) Ma’aden (60%) and Sabic (15%) are partners in the $8 US billion Ma’aden Wa’ad Al-Shamal Phosphate Company (MWSPC), which will extract phosphate from the north of Saudi Arabia and develop it into products like fertilizer for global agriculture customers.

The Mosaic Company is the world's leading producer and marketer of concentrated phosphate and potash. It employs 9,000 people in six countries and participates in every aspect of crop nutrition development. Mosaic products are processed into crop nutrients and then shipped via rail, barge, and ocean-going vessels to customers in the major agricultural centers of the world. The work of mining and processing potash and phosphate minerals is an energy- and water-intensive endeavor. Mosaic works carefully to maximize efficiencies and minimize the use of energy and natural resources and has made significant progress in reducing its environmental footprint. Mosaic is an important driver of economic activity in each of its operating communities and strives to be a thoughtful and engaged neighbor, using its financial resources, expertise and innovative spirit to demonstrate its commitment to good corporate citizenship.

Barrick Gold Corporation

Barrick (50%) and Ma’aden (50%) are partners in the Jabal Sayid copper mine in Saudi Arabia.

Barrick aims to be the leading mining company focused on gold, growing cash flow per share by developing and operating high-quality assets through disciplined allocation of human and financial capital and operational excellence. Barrick is committed to a culture of partnership and the values underpinning such a culture: trust, transparency and shared responsibility and accountability. Barrick has mining operations in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, Dominican Republic, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Saudi Arabia, United States, and Zambia. More than 75 percent of the company’s gold production comes from the Americas region.


SABIC (30%) and Ma’aden (70%) are partners in Saudi Arabia’s first major phosphate project, the Ma’aden Phosphate Company which can produce 3 million tonnes per annum of phosphate fertilizer product for global markets. SABIC (15%), Ma’aden (60%) and Mosaic (25%) are also partners in the $8 US billion Ma’aden Wa’ad Al-Shamal Phosphate Company (MWSPC), which will extract phosphate from the north of Saudi Arabia and develop it into products like fertilizer for global agriculture customers.

SABIC is the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of chemicals, fertilizers, plastics, and metals. A public company based in Riyadh, 70% of its shares are owned by the Saudi Arabian government, with the remaining 30% held by private investors. SABIC began in 1976 by Royal decree and today has operations in over 40 countries with a global workforce of over 40,000. The company is composed of six business units: Chemicals, Polymers, Performance Chemicals, Fertilizers, Metals, and Innovative Plastics. The company’s manufacturing, sales, technology, and innovation facilities are located throughout the globe and are managed by four regional offices: The Middle East and Africa, Asia, the Americas, and Europe. SABIC has invested heavily in Technology and Innovation facilities spread across the globe with hundreds of dedicated scientists contributing to the ongoing development of new patents and certifications.

Sahara Petrochemicals Company (SOPCHEM)

Sahara (50%) and Ma’aden (50%) are partners in the $750 US million SAMAPCO joint venture located in Jubail in Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. SAMAPCO supplies 250,000 tons per annum of caustic soda to Ma’aden’s alumina refinery at Ras Al Khair, and its 300,000 tons per annum of ethylene dichloride targets both domestic and international customers.

Sahara Petrochemicals Company’s mission is to provide quality petrochemical and chemical products and attract customers by investing and developing safe, environment-friendly, reliable facilities to meet customer needs and shareholder expectations. Its vision is to be amongst the world’s leaders in promoting the petrochemical and chemical business, utilizing state of the art technologies and building effective strategic alliances and synergies. Sahara objectives include to; invest in projects producing propylene, polypropylene, ethylene, polyethylene, and other petrochemical and hydrocarbon-based products; to own and execute projects necessary to supply the company with its own raw materials and utilities requirements, and; to acquire real estate and construct infrastructure to aid manufacturing, stocking, selling and purchasing.